Rabu, 01 April 2009

Face Problem Quietly

When the problem of solution and to come not as easy the imagined, living we even also becoming annoyed.

What if this problem resulted I was losing of work? or area of looking into light as one who me? or I am assumed not achievement?

The care is fair, but if You is soybean cake of way of standing problem You which is facing, hopefully You can continuously experience life to the manner born and not be lose heart!

Following some tips for Yous :

Finish Problem ' Now '
Actually making we com under pressure is masalah-masalah everyday we meeting, don't know problem of family, office or life of person. Try for problem priority, finish in advance which You facing in this time. Do not again worry of problem which have passing or let mind of You is kite imagining event of which there will be later.

Every individual will live more motivated if have hope. Hope have the power of bigness. May be just we act is realistic to life which we experiencing, but we don't what soybean cake there will be in future. Hope make we fixed optimism for melangkah although is facing problem. Don't let problem give in Your hope. Look after continuously hope, so that You have motivation.

Eat & Breathe
One of way of lessening stres is eat, but be really control motivation eat You. Enjoy as of saucer spaghetti bolognaisse or siomay hobby prawn will trigger happy flavor. Make food list which You taking a fancy, Save is good. If in a moment You came under pressure, select;choose one of food in the list, and nikmatilah!

After You is better flavor, interesting of long breath by the way of puffing stomach cavity of time of drawing breath, then exhaled passing nose. Do several times. This way will lessen Natural you pressure.