Selasa, 31 Maret 2009

Relaxation For Emotion control

The time when angry flavor, sorrowful or sulky come, or came under pressure, oftentimes involuntary others around we hit by the impact. In here important is the we control emotion swiftly.

One of its way is by breathing to apply diaphragm. exhalation of This diaphragm is very easy, You is only require to accustom him(it.

Following its way :
1. Breathe passing nose by slow in 3 calculation.
2. Swell Your stomach each time You draw breath.

3. Then spent passing nose by slow in 6 calculation.
4. Repeat twice.

Tips for You :

1. If You felt rather confused, breathe more slow
2. Do during 3 times;rill one day routinely until finally You accustomed do this thing is every Your time of emotion strarting height.