Kamis, 26 Maret 2009

Food For Overcoming Stres

Food hold big enough role in developing mood someone. Hence better for this day forward come on we consume health food so that mind and body become peace and also non easy to worry.

Besides, diligent of athletics available for stimulating endorphin production, yaituhormon which potency make happy and balmy flavor body.

1. Depress level of stress with many consuming food type like celery, apple and carrot. The contents of food calorie pertained is low, so that Your body wight also able to defended. Besides, useful also for health of gum and tooth.

2. Moment experience stres is heavy, body very require asupan protein. Multiply rich food consumption of protein, like bean jam. Take one teaspoon full of bean jam, and dab at cutting of celery bar or apple before You go to gym. Protein animal and also is vegetable give effect make calm at brain. Protein assist brain for working quickly in receiving message.

3. Drink a cup of tea chamomile. Chamomile can make muscle felt relaks, so that level of stres and stress also follow going down. The decline is the accentual will reduce Your risk hit by heart attack. Chamomile also assist body detoxyfication by making fluent kidney function.

4. Multiply food consumption containing carbohydrate, like brown rice rice and grist bread, because carbohydrate is energy feeder which good to brain and body. Feeling quickly tired and easy to angry can also emerge for want of carbohydrate in body.

5. Eat legume, like green peanut, soy, and almond. This food type contain a number of borons capable to sending signal out of one tip of nerves to tip of other nerves in brains, so that body will felt peace.

6. Rich sea dish consumption of protein also choice good to fighting against stres. this source of zinc mineral Food increase ability of brain menyimpan memory causing can increase recall and also make easier brain of concentration.

7. Multiply fibrous food, like fruitses and vegetables. Besides making fluent chapter, FIBROUS food can improve;repair mood and assist to maintain sugar rate in blood so that fixed stable. Tubuhpun get is enough of energy all day long.

8. Lessen asupan coffee. In condition of stres gastric trouble oftentimes happened. This thing indicate that alimentary tract needing attention is more time of body experience emotional trouble. Therefore, lessen victuals which potency cause gastric irritation, like: viscid coffee, grog, high fatty food, hot food, and sour food ( young fruit and piccalilli).