Senin, 30 Maret 2009

Help Patient Stres Traumatik

Trauma is an occurence which mengguncang psychologically. Usually event of the happened in sudden, dasyat even menace soul. For that is people feeling him(it experience very intensive fear and over a barrel.

Death of family member on the spur of the moment, miscarriage, eased someone out, experience accident, experience rape, these all can become example of traumatic experience. Stres which result him(it, or proposing traumatic occurence called as as stres pascatrauma. Man in fact having adaptation mechanism for facing problem, included in facing trauma. Still, adjustment face stres is traumatic more difficult to be done. Differ from stres is everyday which generally earning overcome is easier, stres is traumatic if(when be not good handled earned hardly bother individual function.

Symptom Stres Traumatik

a Natural of nightmare repeatedly concerning the ugly occurence and insomnia.

b Back out from environment. For example avoiding places which will generate trauma or do not want to do the liked activitys.

c Trouble eat: queasy and vomitted, difficulty eat, or exactly requirement hardly increase for consuming food

d Negative hyperactive, having abundant restlessness, feel illogical care and edgy attitude.

e Excessive care, requirement of large for taking care and protect x'self

f Feel annoyed if reminded, or remembered the the trauma ( by something allocution by him(it, heard, felt, kissed, or felt ( tongue)

g Action which You can do to help :

1) You have to ready to consort the friend any time required.

2) Avoid to enquire the the natural occurence runs because question of You can leave deeper trauma.

3) You have to settle for condition of the friend as it is. Don't have ever been the comparable with others experiencing same event but bangkait can like is ready of scorpion. That thing Create will be the is more terpuruk into feeling which over a barrel.

4) Ask activity which like him(it . This thing can assist him(it exit from the natural trauma flavor.