Sabtu, 28 Maret 2009

What Is Done By Stres to our body ?

Stres is a natural response from our soul and body when experiencing pressure from environment. Impact from stres even also multifarious, can influence physical and also mental health but also there is the positive impact ( eustress). Following is impacts stres which are better You knowing.

Positive Impact Stimulated!
Impact stres is this exactly of vital importance to balance body.. Eustress is affecting is positive stres making You becoming to motivated moment given on an problem or case challenging. Your Creativity can be stimulated. The example, is the time when desainer have to finish a device which have closing deadline, he will conscript all the creativity and ability until the device have finely!.

Stres Kronis force Ekstrim action
Stres is endless will cause continuous care and stress. According to psychology term, stres this is endless called as stres is chronic. Stres is chronic in character gnaw and break body, mind and all life of the patient is inch by inch. As a result, the patient would be continuous com under pressure and losing of hope.

No wonder if of patients stres were chronic finally take decision for suicides, or die because heart attack, stroke, cancer, or high blood pressure. So, observe Your x'self, is You cum people liking let problem without looking for way out which are positive ? Taking a care consequence which to You will face !

People Stres more Sensitif
People being stres would more compared by sensitively is not people in condition of stres. Along of that is, someone which stres often misinterpreted what is going on at x'self. Can be wrong perception, wrong read and interpret a[n situation, assessment or opinion, criticized, advice, even behavior of others.

Besides, people stres tend to to hook;correlate everything with x'self. As a result, he is more withdrew from environment, [shall] no longer follow activity which usualy done and easy of emotion. No wonder if effect [of] this the attitude they avoided by the friends. This negativity response would progressively add the distress burden because perception which during the time he imagine simply correct.

The influence for healthy

a Heart pain trigger
On a long term, stres ungovern will trigger the rising of blood pressure so that risk hit by heart attack increase. Stres also can boost up cholesterol rate in blood. This condition making artery small channel stuffing up so that the patient is susceptible to heart attack or inveterate we recognizing with stroke.

b Cause tired easy body and non energetic.
The because melatonin and serotonin hormone annoyed time of medium body stres. You Require to knew, both this hormone hold main role to assist we is fast asleep. Condition difficult to sleep will trigger the rising of cortisol hormone in body. As a result, difficult eye dipejamkan insomnia alias.

c Generate gastric trouble like pain maag.
Ill maag emergence because excessive gastric acid production. So, the time when You is stres, body memroduksi acid would be gastric in number above normal as well as undermining gastric coat or mucosa, what in the end generate flavor perih, which we knowning as pain maag.

For the purpose, avoid life style available for triggering incidence [of] stres. Similar is more morningly in order not to be hasty to kantor/terkena stucked, athletic regularly, avoid alcohol and cigarette and also always think positively !