Rabu, 25 Maret 2009

Keep Head Time Of Stres
The time when will do presentation, You is sure ' attacked ' feel nervous or panic. Then there will be someone advising You to keep head. Secretory answer from mouth You is sure, " not possibly!".
condition of The can be tolerated. the Section, is truely very not easy to take coolly moment face critical situation. But actually, this thing can be done. You is only require to alter patterned thinking" not possibly" became" possibly". More clear, simple ways following will assist You:

Don't wear red clothes!

If You wished to draw attention moment in party, wear very acurate rose colored cloth. But, if You will lead meeting or do presentation, select;choose the colour cloth assist You assuage dread, like; young blue. Research into to show, blue body nervous system center Create colour relaks can because body temperature went down. Besides reducing heartbeat and generate feeling of relaks at people seeing the colour.

Count Down

Like activity counting sheep which done by is someone experiencing difficult to sleep. Count down can be done to take mind off things making Panic you.

Kudapan palliative stres

Simply eat orange of 15 minute before event making Tense you, will make calm. a research indicate that people who consuming food containing ascorbic acid like orange before facing situation tend, have compared by lower blood pressure rate is them which don't consume vitamin C.

Breakfast is a must
a research which have been done in English lay open that people who always breakfast cornflakes or sereal which have been enriched by complete nutrition, feel more motivated and not easy to stres compared by them overcoming breakfast.